Thursday, February 08, 2007

I almost killed someone.

Never in my life have I hated any kid before but one of my little cousins made history yesterday.


I felt like I wanted to strangle her. If the father(my uncle) wasnt here, she would have gotten slapped for numerous incidents already.

Incident 1 :

She just arrived at my place with her dad and started to bounce up and down the couch. I told her not to do so and she stopped, for a while. She later got a piece of cake/bread from my grandma and resumed boucing on the couch, with the crumbs bouncing happily on the couch too.

me : 0 her : 1

Incident 2 :

My mum told her to let her know if she needed anything. She said she wanted to watch tv. Mum told her to go ahead then she said but you all are watching( I was the only one watching, everyone else was playing mahjong). Then my mum asked her to ask for my permission. Well, after not seeing her for years and not knowing that she was SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS, I gave her the remote control. Her cartoon ended soon after. I grabbed the remote control and switched the channel. She then told me that she wants to what the next show on the same channel and TOLD ME TO RETURN THE REMOTE CONTROL TO HER. I was dumbfounded and let her snatched the remote control from me.

me : 0 her : 2

Incident 3 :

After what seemed like half an hr, my rage snowballed and I reached out for the remote control but somehow, her reaction was faster. She immediately grabbed the remote control and held it tight. I told her to give it to me and I wont change the channel. She asked me why I wanted it then(omg kids nowadays!) and I told her to just give it to me. She passed me the remote control when its commercial time and she regretted that almost immediately because she told me she wanted it back. I asked her why and she said she preferred to hold the remote control. I told her I too, preferred to hold the remote control. Then she asked me to return the remote control to her, again. I got angry and asked her what is there to return to her? I also asked her if the remote control belonged to her. She kept quiet after that.

me : 1 her : 2

Incident 4 :

Because the air here is much flirtier than KL's, my mum only opened one window with all the curtains down accept one piece. That brat was playing with the strings controlling the curtain and let down the only piece which was not down. I told her to not play with the curtain and went for the strings to pull the curtain back up BUT before I could do that, she grabbed the strings and told me in an annoyed tone that she would do it herself(as if I was the one created the stupid problem). She then added that she has gotten familiar with our house long time ago(its the first time she was here). I got so angry I wanted to ask her to go look for a plaster without having to search for it but changed my mind afraid that she might make a mess.

me : 1 her : 3

Incident 5 :

I was surfing online without using my mouse. Seeing me using my touch pad, she came to my side and watched for a few seconds and then extended her finger attempting to attack my touch pad(she crashed my other cousin's pc before). Luckily my reaction was fast enough and I blocked her hand before she could touch my laptop. I told her cannot touch. After a few failed attempts, she quickly touched the edge of my laptop and said "touch already" with a stupid grin on the face. Yup. At that point of time, I almost slapped her.

me : 1 her : 4

I feel like pullin my hair now even though I am just blogging about it. OMG. So angry.

Incident 6 :

We went out for dinner later and when we reached my place, it was already 11. While making our way to my unit, that brat was speaking to my grandma( I think I forgot to mention that her voice is super loud) and my grandma told her to lower her volume. Then she asked : Why? Is it because some people were sleeping already? My grandma then told her, yes. Then she said : At this time of course got people sleeping lah! Omg. I so wanted to throw my shoes at her for being SO rude. I managed to keep my shoes on my feet and ask her why she asked if she already knew there were people whom were sleeping already. She ignored me and continued to talk to my grandma....

me : 1 her : 5

Incident 7 :

She was whining so damn annoyingly to her dad that she was tired and refused to walk when we were out and her dad had to piggyback her. When we got home, her eyes were already red. But the first thing she went for when we entered my unit was the tv remote control. She and her dad were gonna stay overnight at my place as my mum, aunt, grandma and uncle were gonna resume the mahjong so my grandma made a place on the couch for the brat to sleep. She was still holding the remote control when she was trying to sleep. -_- I warned her that she might fall to the floor for not sleeping properly(she was sleeping at the very edge of the couch) and told me that I was annoying her.








I went to bed instead and fell asleep almost immediately. About two hours later, I heard a loud bang followed by my uncle's blur voice and that brat's cry. I figured out what happened and I was smiling in my bed although they woke me up. SHE FELL OFF THE COUCH! MWAHAHAH!

me : 100000000!!!! her : 5

However, my smile faded after a while. That brat would not stop crying and whining. 20 minutes later, I was wide awake. rage. Rage. RAGE. I had no other choice but the get up and get entertained by my laptop at the dining area because she dominated the living room and the tv was there. I ended up sleeping at 7 in the morning and the super loud voice woke me up at noon. Stupid kid.

Then they left at around 2 o clock and I let out a sigh of relief. Peace at last. Owh btw, she is 10 years old. There are so many other rude things she said which I cannot recall. I hope she will not come again =(



vss3t said...

try locking her in the bathroom next time and pretend she locked herself in. oh yeah, flush d key 1st.

believe me, i hate sundays at nandos! incivilised parents with mosters!

KY said...

Maybe just ignoring her completely might work. Some kids these days...

Already 10, I thought she's like, 6 or something.

Epyon said...


NiCkO said...

It so funny that it's like football... where the only thing that matters, is the final score!.. haha... Im glad u scored over a thousand points on that.. LOL!,,

CrazyLobster said...

vss3t : Her cries will annoy me a lot :P

ky : Cannot lah. She will over turn the house..

epyon : *sigh*

nicko : Yea! I am glad too although its a bit mean to be happy when someone falls from the couch :P

WenDy said...

Hahahah!!!! Luckily my nieces dare not be like that in front me..Habis them if they even try..LOL..

Kids nowadays extreme boh ka si 1....Smack them only....I'ld do that if she hold the remote and not wanting to give it to me..LOL..

JustAnotherTragedy said...

A 10 yr old acting like that? My god what a brat. I thought she was like 5 or something. Haha.

CrazyLobster said...

wendy : Lol. Cannot lah. later my unlce whack me :P

justanothertragedy : Heh. What to do. Kids nowadays -_-

Curio said...

i know how u feel!!!
omg. my dumb cousins r laidat.
and their parents r like superprotective overindulgent n totally spoiling them n blind to it. want to slap the parents too.
i hope she never comes to your house again either haha or you really might slap her.